KW Instructions on How to embed your

Area Video to your Website


**These instructions are for the Keller Williams Personal Agent Websites provided by Keller Williams.

1. Login to My KW ( )

2. Click on 1.0

3. Click on " 1.5 Create Home Page Message"

4. Click on Source:

5. Scroll down to last line and paste the embed code you were sent in your email.

Please remove the outer quotation marks ( " " ) Put your Unique Link and replace the area marked below: "PLACE LINK HERE"

( be sure to leave these quotation marks ) Embed / Iframe Code to paste onto your website:


"<iframe scrolling="no" height="485" frameborder="0" width="770" src="PLACE Link HERE"></iframe>"


Be sure to remove end quotations and when finished hit save.

6. Hit "Save" and. Review site.***



How to Add on to your sit as a navigational link::


1. Login to MyKW Website Admin: ( )

2. Click on " Add Your Content" ( 3.0 )

3. Click on "Add Edit Area Links" ( 3.4 )

4. Ckick on Links Tab:

5, Enter Title informaiton and Paste the UNIQUE URL you were emailed into the link area. ( Note this is the same as what you would email out )


6. Save and Review***

***•You may need to refresh or clear your cookies on your browser to make sure that changes have taken effect.

***• You may have to enter different parameters under height and Width to make sure your video is the right size on your page if you have many other custom features activated or other content.

*** You may need to repeat the steps above for each video if you are using more than one area production.


Don't have time to use these instructions? Still confused on how to put your video on your site?

CRS offers installation on your website for a flat fee of $20.00 .

Please call 386-299-0547 for more information.